A long time ago I noticed that a great many of the people I respect (regardless of their field) are prolific writers. For me, it really forces clarity of thought, and clarity of thought certainly feels like something we all need right now. While I’ve written quite a lot over the years, much like meditation, I’ve never managed to make it part of my daily routine. So here we go, working in semi-public.

Who knows, maybe someone will also get some use out of it.


And now, for anyone who wandered in off the street –  a dramatic reading of my Linkedin profile.

As the URL suggests, I’m Andrew O’Neal. I co-founded and did product things at Clearbit.

I also founded Filmbundle, a little indy film distribution experiment that let me work with everyone from early-stage filmmakers to Oscar nominees and Sundance winners. We even included some early work by Damien Chazelle (name drop, sorry) before he became the famous wunderkind he is today.

Before that I co-founded Solidwize, our SaaS lifestyle business. We got a bit lucky and rode the 3D printing wave to deliver millions of tutorials to product designers looking to improve their 3D modeling skills.

I got my start climbing up from the trenches (mailrooms) of Hollywood. Even sat on the board of a film festival or two.

I recently stepped down from day-to-day at Clearbit and currently spend my time advising, investing and fly-fishing as I prep my next thing (hope I remember to update this).